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Effective and unobtrusive online advertising.

Why Get Interactive

Who we are

We believe in the web and digital advertising. We believe in ads that enable outperforming user experience while remaining unobtrusive and that such advertising brings good results. We also believe that behind every good decision, there is data that we can rely upon. Our data driven approach, a wide understanding of the complex digital environment and our fast optimization have helped companies achieve even the highest goals. Comprehensive regional support is ensured by the presence of the Slovenian and Croatian markets as well as partner agency in Austria.

Our partners:

  • IAB
  • Google
  • Adyoulike
  • Livenetlife
  • Adform
  • Facebook
  • Native Advertising Institute
  • Socialbakers

The Interactive team

Damjan Planinc

Major Digital

Be happy, but never satisfied!

Dejan Rebernik

Sales Shaman

Domination is the key.

Miha Bandalo

Herr Inbound

Comfort zone does not exist in success.

Miro Lukić

General Programmatic

Be a voice, not just an echo.

Dejan Narančić

Social Kahuna

Play to win, but enjoy the fun.
- D. Ogilvy

Barbara Bačnik

Native Sorceress

Short cuts make long delays.
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Nastja Breg

Miss Knowall

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.

Jaka Zupančič

Dripping Master

If you stare at a problem long enough it moves.


Team Spirit

I don't like carrots

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