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Native advertising

The most user friendly and content integrated way of advertising

Present on all the hottest Slovenian online publishers.


Our Get Native network includes quality general and niche media.


Native ads are the best alternative to annoying formats that hurt your brand reputation.


Ads are shown to your target public within the content of their interest.


User-friendly ads at the right place and time is the recipe for effective advertising.


So far, online advertising was based mostly on ad formats that surrounded, and in recent years even covered content itself. All this led to users becoming immune to or annoyed at such ads. Native ads on the other hand are placed amid the content and don’t interfere with the user experience. Naturally, the point of these ads is also to be highly relevant to each individual user. They aren’t just a strange foreign object stuck in for the sake of ads – they offer relevant and useful content.


Get Native is a native advertising system that includes more than 40 quality online media sites in Slovenia. These show native ads within the so-called feed and in the additional suggested content. Both look very natural and don’t disturb the user experience. They’re very effective due to the extensive advanced targeting options.

Native advertising

93% of users see native ads on desktop and 85% on smartphones.

That’s almost 20% better than normal display ads.

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Head of Native Advertising:

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Native FAQ

Native advertising is the fastest growing subsection of online advertising. The native ads market is projected to increase up to 2.6x until 2020. At that point it is expected to represent 52% of all online advertising. Some of the best features of native:

  • Unobtrusive
  • Ads take the form of the content and are placed inside the content itself
  • Holds premium placements on many well visited media sites
  • Creates a positive perception of a brand, product or service
  • Gets better CTR

With good content and native advertising! Good content and a quality native ads bring by far the best target traffic to your landing pages. This also has a positive indirect effect on organic positions. Compared to classic advertising, native traffic boasts lower bounce rates, users spend more time on site, and most importantly users love to share this content on social media.

A quality native ad is an ad that is creatively adjusted to different kinds of news feeds. An ad that follows title and text lengths requirements. It attracts the user’s attention with a great content picture instead of trying to do so via logos and other graphics. We focus a lot on native ad titles and always test several variations to get the best possible results.

While reading up on the current news on one of the more than 40 Slovenian news sites, a user comes upon a sponsored news piece (native ad), usually placed inside the news feed. The interesting and useful ad content draws the user in and builds the need for more information on the subject. By clicking on the ad, the user is redirected to a so-called sponsored article (advertorial), where the advertiser has the opportunity to present their brand or offer in a fun, interactive, story-telling way. The sponsored article is located within the media site itself, or within a different site included in the portfolio.

Content marketing is without doubt one of the most popular trends among Slovenian companies. But in the flood of online content it is hard to differentiate yourself from the noise and reach your desired targeted audience. Here Native Story comes in. Besides the sponsored article post it also gives the media site an effective distribution option on the Get Native premium network, which includes over 40 media from Slovenia that have a joint inventory of more than 30 million impressions a month.

  • 2 in 1: combined quality content and effective distribution
  • Able to reach over 1 million Slovenians across more than 30 online media sites
  • Content without ads
  • Everything from one spot
  • Diverse content groups and target audiences
  • Cost per impression: only pay for individual readings, no risk. You get what you paid for!
  • Advanced analytics, also counts engagement on page
  • Mobile-friendly – all content hosting sites are also mobile friendly
  • Content is prepared by our experts
  • A new source of profit without additional work of managing content and positions
  • Users stay on the media website longer
  • Users aren’t immediately directed away and to another website
  • User-friendly content: better user acceptance
  • Indirect positive SEO effect
  • Use of the platform for own campaigns

Yes. Together with Outbrain we can reach target audiences on most of the larger markets in the world, and on the best media across different thematic niches. Outbrain is the world’s leading native advertising premium network that combines the most read media on all markets and reaches more than 500 million online users every month. Their signature format is the sponsored content underneath the articles that supplement the content for the user and where you can advertise your offer. The offer must be presented in the form of content, the landing page cannot be a sales page and must offer the readers great content with informative or entertainment value.