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Programmatic advertising

Reach your Target Audience Faster & More Effectively

At the right time, on the right channel, with the right message and for the right cost.


Your message is quickly and effectively distributed across different ad formats on many domestic and global media.


HMTL5 brings hitherto unseen creativity to advertising. We use this to make your ads interactive and unobtrusive.


Our own database with user interests enables us to reach the target audience in a more effective way.


Our experienced team is always ready to advise you on preparation and execution of effective programmatic advertising.


Programmatic advertising is no longer the future. It is the here and now. Simple management of complex campaigns from one spot, real time data, and advanced analytics that offers accurate insights into the effectiveness of the advertising. All this enables us significant savings on time and as more effective placement buying. At Get Interactive we already have a lot of experience in this field despite the short history of it, and have successfully ran many campaigns. Working with the largest programmatic providers, we always find the best combination.


Slopex is a portfolio of Slovenian online media which is available to you for programmatic advertising. On the one hand, it offers premium positions and formats for branding advertisers, which ensure high exposure and visibility, and on the other hand excellent performance formats and positions, which are focused more on fulfilling goals and conversions. The effectiveness of advertising in the portfolio is assured with our own user interests database and many other advanced targeting options.

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Programmatic expert with years of experience in digital advertising, graphic design and advanced ad format creation.

Programmatic FAQ

Real-time bidding (RTB) or real-time auction buying is the process of buying and selling of advertorial space through an auction model. This allows for quick and simple ad buying based on offer and demand of advertising space.

Real-time or auction based bidding enables not only better user experience and higher return on investment for advertisers, but also more profits for publishers. This method enables displaying online ads to the paid for audience for your marketing campaign and investment.

Advertisers and agencies buy impressions on user behavior basis, which allows them to display the right ads to the right target audience using the Demand Side Platform (DSP) self-service tool or technology, which enables them to find advertising space and bid for it in an auction type system.

Publishers offer their available ad space and use the Supply Side Platform (SSP), which optimizes their inventory, so they get the best price possible for this ad space. For publishers this presents an opportunity for greater efficiency and accurate targeting on predetermined parameters, and offers additional monetization based on this data..

Audience segmentation based on gender, age, geographical location, similar interests, wants and preferences, is possible when buying targeted audiences. Users within the selected audience are shown ads based on their interests and search behavior.

Yes, it does. RTB allows this via web cookie usage that users accept upon visiting every website. The trace of our shopping behavior, past websites, content that interests us, searched keywords etc. is noted in these cookies. With retargeting, users that have previously visited a select website, can be shown ads based on their previously shown interest.

The bidding for ad space in real time (RTB) is not the same as programmatic buying, as it only represents one functional method of programmatic buying. RTB is only a part of the programmatic ad space trading concept, whereas programmatic buying itself is a wider concept of automatization of all phases of the buying and selling process for advertising space, which shows the right advert to the right user in real time, for the price advertisers and agencies are willing to pay at that singular moment of time for a single impression. Direct programmatic buying gives ad space buyers and brands more transparency. Better control over campaigns in real time also brought more dynamic and changes to the market; by 2019 the share of programmatic advertising on mobile devices is expected to rise to 85.2%.

The idea is to increase effectiveness and to automate processes across digital channels and devices. Erasing the lines between devices and channels also erases the borders between division of campaign budgets.