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Video advertising

New generation video advertising.

On the highest quality Slovenian online media.


Your ads are shown inside articles and don’t cover the content.


Ads don’t appear on violent and controversial content.


Optional addition of interactive buttons, logos, social icons and other elements.


The CPV model ensures you only pay for viewed ads.


Video advertising has gone through a kind of renaissance in recent years and has made much progress. Today it represents a key factor of growth in digital advertising. Various video ad forms have developed accordingly. If just a couple years ago you only had the so called pre-roll ads connected to linear video content, today the so called outstream ads rule the playing field. These ads appear independently of other video content, are technologically advanced and allow high interactivity.


Working with the tech partner, a world leading video platform, we enable Slovenian marketers advanced video advertising options. These options allow for first-rate user experience and high quality interaction with the advertised content, and are hosted in the secure environment of online media. And it works both on desktop and mobile!

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Video FAQ

Sound, picture and movement have always been the best approach to reach the targeted audience and present them your story in a convincing and interesting way. It’s no different online and that’s why video is one of the strongest advertising channels. Video has advanced incredibly in recent years. It has gone from being a support channel to TV ads, which mostly allowed only pre-roll ads, to becoming a channel that with accurate targeting ensures high visibility and interactivity. This enables us to run independent and effective video ad campaigns.

According to the eMarketer research (2017) online ad spend on video will increase by 12% and by 9% the next year (Y/Y). The highest growth of revenue from video advertising was noted in developing markets.

Gathered data from 24 countries in Europe shows that Slovenia, Serbia, Belarus, Ireland and Croatia have had the biggest growth in video. Combined, the value of video advertising in 2016 was 3 million, which is 21.4% more than in 2015!

According to a poll by IAB Europa about new ad formats that was carried out among 700 advertisers, agencies and publishers across 31 European markets, the out-stream video is far more popular than in-stream video ad format. This supports our own data as well.

If just a couple years ago you only had the so called pre-roll ads connected to linear video content to pick from, today the so called out-stream ads rule the field. These ads appear independently of other video content, are technologically advanced and ensure quality user experience. The use of out-stream video content opens up a new realm of possibilities for media buying as it allows for the expansion of own publisher inventory while offering advertisers higher brand exposure and increases view times on videos!

As with TV advertising, video ads’ effectiveness also can’t be measured by clicks. What can be measured however is the number of people we successfully communicated our goal to, and how many users watched the video ad at least halfway through, or to the end. This is called completion rate; platforms often use completion rate as markers for paying for the ads – paying only those ads that were viewed in their entirety or a pre-determined part.

New technologies and platforms offer numerous attractive opportunities. Live-streaming videos, 360-degree ads, videos within Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) are just a few examples of what is coming up in the near future. The thing that really matters is knowing how to effectively use these options to their communication and creative maximum.

The first few seconds are critical: a good start to the video ad persuades the users to watch it whole.

Be mindful of ads visibility. Some platforms already offer complete ad visibility and the pricing models that go with them.

Combine out-stream and in-stream formats while making sure that the ads aren’t too obtrusive and annoying for the users.

Equip your ads with interactive add-ons that enable further communication with the users.

Add subtitles: many users browse online without sound or are in silent mode on their mobile devices.

Vertical formats on mobile devices: horizontal videos are scaled down on smaller screens and thus hard to discern.

Users also don’t, and don’t want to, turn the screens just for the ads.