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The most unobtrusive and content related way of advertising.
On the most attractive positions of Slovenian publishers.

Why Native

What is it?

The main attribute of native ads is it’s content and design that matches with editorial context in which it is published. The most famous examples are Facebook in-feed and Google Search ads. With the help of our team, you can reach the widest majority of the web population. On the wider side of the internet, there are multiple versions of native advertising and we cover it’s best varieties.

In-feed advertising

These formats are placed among news feeds of homepages, categories and related articles. Here, readers seek valuable information on various topics, so it is crucial to offer a relevant story, that will convince people to visit your website. Because of it’s context, it is best suitable for branding purposes.

Recommendation articles

Every article has some related content, that we like to recommend. That’s why we offer a widget, that finds the top-read articles on a website and recommends them to the reader in a widget. Your ad can be among these recommendations.

How we do it

Get Native is a network of different formats and various publishers of all topics. And behind the largest native network in Slovenia there is a young and dynamic team of professionals. Depending on your desires and goals, we will personally pick out the formats and placements that will work the best for your brand and then advertise there to reach users and convert them into customers. After we select the suitable placements, we strive to make the best creative, that will drive the audience to a desired destination. When everything is set and the campaign is running, we check and optimize it regularly to get the best results possible.

We also pay special attention to our media partners or publishers, as they are the key to successful network. Their placements are checked regularly and updated accordingly to insure improved positions on their websites.

Head of Native Advertising

Martin Jagodic

Native Shaman

Enthusiastic and creative professional with a refined sense for unobtrusive yet highly visible positioning of your messages.

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